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Increase in Industrial Production Gives Confidence

Işık stated they have seen that with a stable political order and the increased faith into the development of Turkish economy, industrialization of the country gained value in a positive manner.   T.R Minister of Finance FikriIşık in the statement he made regarding the issue, said “Calendar adjusted industrial production has increased 4.6% in October 2015 compared to the same month of the previous year and calendar adjusted industrial production also increased 0.1% compared to the previous month.The increase in unadjusted index has been 14.7%.Industrial production in October was beyond expectations.  Confidence indexes in September had recessed to the lowest level with the influence of both the political instability experienced in the domestic markets and the developments experienced in foreign markets.   As of October, together with the rising expectations that the political stability would be achieved again, confidence has been rebuilt.  Together with increasing confidence in economy, industrial production has begun to increase, too. With the selection results in November and establishment of government, confidence increased even further in both real market and with the consumers.  Such a situation will be reflected in the investment and consumption expenses which were withheld in previous years and postponed until the end of the elections.In this way, industrial production will show a strong performance.  Turkey has entered into a new reform process.

The 64th government program shows this in a clear manner.  With the reforms that we are going to make, tangible steps we are going to take we will continue to open the path for the real sector and increase the strength for competition.  Everything achieved by the real sector will enable us to get closer to our dream of a strong, big and leader Turkey”.

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