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International Economists Confirm Turkey’s Strength

International credit rating agency Moody’s operating centered in the United States of America confirmed “investable” credit rate and negative view currently held by Turkey.

In statements made at Moody’s table for Turkey, the following expressions were made:  “Rate confirmation decision of Moody’s regarding Turkey reflects economic resistance and strong financial measures of the country preserved during the long election period.  Especially low public debt and debt structure which achieved stability after being decreased for the last 10 years show positive resistance against the loss of value in Turkish lira and expected global increase in interest rates.”

The Growth Speed of Turkey Looks Positive against the Countries with the Same Rating

In the written statement where it is emphasized that Turkey’s geographical significance and size supported the credit rating “investable”, it was mentioned that purchasing power parity with 19,698 USD was at a level above the other countries which have BAA3 credit rating.

While stating that the strong financial position and capital budget had the biggest influence in taking the rating confirmation decision, the following lines took place in the written statement made by Moody’s.   “Heading financial measures are positive although the country has just completed a long election period of two years.  Turkey’s debt has decreased 10 points since 2009 and recessed back to 33.5 per cent of the gross domestic product.  Moody’s predicts that this rate will be at the level of 34 per cent in 2015.”

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