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“Investors in Systems which Enhance Production Efficiency System Will Lead the Textile Market”

Of foreign origin who continue to manufacture our country, companies are offering to the Turkish textile market their expertise, experience and work which is recognized all over the World . UK Based, iSEW Technologies, is one Company which stands out amongst the rest as a Company offering prominent systems which increase productivity while reducing costs for the manufacturer. In the light of the various companies planning to develop various technologies in our Country for the Turkish Textile Sector, iSEW Technologies CEO Steve Callaghan has talked to us about the future developments of technological sectors within the textile market

As one of the leading Internationl Companies in this field can you briefly talk to us about your work?

With over 50 Years combined experience in this market we are exporting regularly to over 12 countries in 5 Continents. According to the customers requirements we can offer retro-fit systems to be fitted to the customrs existing machinery, automated sewing workstation which satisfy the customers requirement or bespoke automation for the customer. We dont believe in compromising quality so all our electronics are produced in our European office, while we exclusivey work with our solution Partner and GLOBAL Leader EFKA and Frankl for our Servo motor requirements. Our mechanical parts are manufactured both in Europe and in Turkey, but again to ensure consistency and quality, the final quality control and assembly is done in our Austrian office.

What Products Does the Company offer to the market and can you give us some details about the features?

Our major customer base in Turkey are the manufacturers of knitwear and under garment products. We produce a wide range of products starting at basic cutting devices, the Worlds fastest tape cutter thru to automatic workstations which offer increases of productivity to conventional production methods of over 25% while reducing wastage of trims also in regions of 25% (according to the garments). We are able to achieve these results by developing not just the mechanical parts of our system but by working closely both with our own electronic developers and our strategic partners Efka. Our new group of products which we have launched this Year has seen great response from the market with many companies benefitting already from these new systems. We are therefore very optimistic about the growth of these sles in the coming months.

How do the products you offer add value to the textile market

Turkish textile market is very efficient and yet still holds great opportunities within the market. The general opinion, and true for many regions is that LESS people are coming in to the market, this will lead to difficulties going forward. However there are still MANY Companies employing too many indirect personnel in their factory lines. These manufacturers still say they “can’t employ enough people” and yet the reality is they should be able to remove the need for these indirects and utilise these people on (profit making) manufacturing jobs. We have the machinery and know-how to help them do this! We, in the 17 years we have been in Turkey have never changed our approach as we knew that the market would go in this direction. We HAVE the experience we HAVE the equipment and we HAVE the support team in place to help the Companies who require this support. We therefore ask that all Companies facing such challenges contact us and let us to arrange a private meeting.

Do you plan to have products close and long term? If so, can you give us some information?

In 2012 our Company established a new R & D center in Austria which is working intensively on new products. In recent times we have grown the R&D side of our business to include our strategic partner EFKA & Franklin and we are currently working on both main stream products and ‘out of the box’ developments which we believe can bring great opportunities to ALL manufacturers. While we don’t wish to go into detail of exact new products, there are several developments we are working on and we will be launching some revolutionary products in July this Year. As always our new products will be designed to help the manufacturer reduce costs and increase productivity, therefore helping the manufacturer to invest in new equipment by using the money they will earn from the savings created by this equipment.

How do you evaluate the sector in the coming period ?

In commercial terms, the coming period will be equally challenging as it has been for the past Years. However, the manufacturers who continue to invest in systems and technology that help improve efficiency in production, those who can have less material wastage and produce less second qulity garments will have a better chance to succeed in the marketplace.

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