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New Patented Steam Generator with Hermetic Flue by Faymak

The first and only in the world “steam generator with hermetic flue” patented by Faymak increases your profits by decreasing the prodıctionb costs at a rate of 50%. Hermetic flue FaymakMakina design and production of which is 100% national investment and which is prepared on FaymakMakina’s own funds offers natural gas fueled steam generator patent of which is owned by them and which is prepared along the lines of the customers, to the use of all sector. Since the energy sources owned byTurkey are becoming limited and insufficient day by day, a big portion of electricity production is conducted with natural gas. Therefore unit prices in our country is quite high. While these high electricity prices lead the producers to look fort he solution that will decrease their costs, the awaited solution came from the experienced engineers of  Last month Faymak launched “Steam Generator with Hermetic flue” which decreases the costs due to energy consumption for businesses. The facts that the infrastructure costs for other steam generators with natural gas are to high and that not all businesses are suitable to run such devices make performance losses in production activities and losses in costs inevitable for the businesses. This issues which becomes bigger for businesses in time carries a cost process risk that can finally lead to bankruptcy. Patented steam generator produced by FaymakMakina to decrease the costs in energy demand which has become an obligation under the conditions of our day, provides a relief for the sector because of low installation costs and the fact that it is in compliance with the safety standards. Faymak’s new, patented Steam Generator with Hermetic Flue guarantees to compensate for all your costs in time by redeeming its price when it is working.

First orders reached to export market

The new product developed by FaymakMakina has a Hermetic flue. The flue end exits outside by making a hall on glass or on the wall. In this way your flue installation cost is eliminated. Because you get the flue together with the product.

Since it works on 21mb gas which we refers as oven gas, you do not have to apply for industrial operation. Because the costs of industrial gas operation is more.

There is no requirement to install a boiler room in this product. These three main factors were the facts that limited the Access to this type of devices and all these troubles ended now.

There is no risk of explosion in Patented Steam Generator with Hermetic Flue. It is convenient for use in all businesses where steam is needed. The product is beingproduced in two models.

Steam Generator with Hermetic Flue has CE certification, it is approved by İGDAŞ and register at GAZMER where devices that run on gas are registered and it has all certifications.

FaymakMakina’sPatented Steam Generator with Hermetic Flue is being exported to the whole world as a result of the orders it received together with its initial serial production.

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