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Turkey’s “Youth Unemployment” Rate is better than Europe

The world economy is inadequate in fighting particularly with youth unemployment problem. Turkey is in a better position than 15 European Union (EU) members with its youth unemployment rate which was calculated as 19.2 percent in December last year. This rate realized as 19.8% in EU countries and 22.1% in Euro region.

According to the data compiled by the Europe Statistical Office (Eurostat) and the Turkey Statistical Institute (TÜİK), while the problems experienced by the European countries revealed itself particularly as “youth unemployment”, Turkey have a relatively successful record in youth unemployment. The unemployment rate under 25 years old as of December last year in Turkey realized as 19.2%. It was determined that the youth unemployment rate for the same period in EU, on the other hand, realized as 19.8%.

Germany is a European country with the lowest youth unemployment rate

Turkey where youth unemployment rate realized lower than the EU average left behind 15 countries including France, Italy, Spain, Greece and Poland.

While Germany, the locomotive of the European economy, is the country whose youth unemployment was calculated as the lowest in December with a rate of 7.1%, Germany was followed by Denmark with 10.8% and the Czech Republic with 10.9%.

Greece which cannot overcome economic crisis takes the first place with its 48% youth unemployment rate, and it is followed by Spain with 45.8%, Croatia and with 44.1% and Italy with 38.7% which is the greatest economy of the Eurozone. 

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